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Seeking Answers [OPEN]

Who: Obi-Wan Kenobi and YOU.
What: A grumpy Jedi Knight is displaced and wants to know what's going on. What's really going on.
Where: Anywhere in town you want to run into him, including a startlingly familiar diner in an unfamiliar town.
When: Any time, Days 2 - 4

Obi-Wan originally thought the Nysgods had simply moved them again, though it struck him as strange that they did so in secret. The moves had always been public productions of one kind or another. As his first afternoon wore on, he realized the Nysgods had nothing to do with it. Most of the townspeople he met hadn't even heard of them. That night, he checked into one of the provided hotels.

There were familiar presences in the Force, but he didn't dare to presume who they might be. They weren't Dark, and - even at some distance - they were a comfort.

His second day in town, he headed out to take a look around and see if there was more to it than advertised in the brochure.
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Adaptation was a thing that Devi had learned very early on in life. One had to cope with what the situation dealt them and once Devi was sure the food and drink weren't going to kill her or send her on some psychedelic LSD trip, she got right onto it. With the free hotel rooms, she did much like Obi-Wan, finding a place to crash that had a free breakfast downstairs.

The morning after, (and around 27 hours sleep), the Girl finally rolled out of her newfound den and into the world.

..For great coffee.

She found a coffee shop that had tables outside so that she could enjoy her muffin and steaming cup in peace. Prime people watching spot - nice and open. There were a lot of new faces to consider, each more interesting then the last, but Devi paused her morning consumption when she saw the brown robes of everyone's favorite reserved Jedi.

No way.

"Man the Jedi get around," she mutters with a genuine and fond surprise.
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She was surprised he stopped and lifted her crafted eyebrows in surprise as she set her cup down and smiled. No telling what he did and did not know, but Devi knew how to play it level and.. well, dumb.

"Yeah I did. Public transit is pretty impressive around here. Even low class is a flavor of high class." Never take piss and smelly vagrant free buses for granted.

"What's 'last time'?" Hope of remembrance was pretty much zero; Devi didn't work herself up if there was a chance she'd be let down.
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"No shit," she says with a softly disbelieving tone before shifting up in her seat with a spreading smile.

"Does meeting you here count as a second time, Obi-Wan, or will 'the last time' count well enough for you?"

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The first day Qui-Gon had taken the tour of this supposed place. It was, in the grand scheme of things, a very Qui-Gon thing to do. The pamphlet hadn't been of too much aide, but he was of the belief that a little trust went a long way, and that the Force would guide him.

It was on that second day that he did set out with a true purpose on mind, as he had felt it too. Things had always been done in his own way, and while he was a Jedi, who knew there were many who did find his ways both unorthodox, and frustrating. Truthfully, he was no closer to answers than he had been when he had first arrived, but it would be something that he would continue to explore in due course.

Now though he followed, until he came before a large building. While the outside might have changed, as Qui-Gon noted with some surprise, he would know his Padawan anywhere. Chalk it up to another thing that Qui-Gon couldn't explain at the moment, and while his Padawan might have changed, no doubt he looked just as the last time Obi-Wan had seen him. "Taking your own side trips these days?"
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"Somehow calling you my young Padawan just doesn't seem like it will fit." That much is clear. He would need to be blind not to see the differences. The lack of braid, for starters, along with those other changes. The slight differences that aging can make. "Obi-Wan."
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He didn't need to say that for Qui-Gon to know it, to feel all of it. Time might alter and change some things, and yet others remained, and always would. Then again, he also had meant what he had said before the Council. Obi-Wan had been ready and it wasn't just from a desire to train Anakin that brought that upon him.

Yet, there was the sum of all, the son he would never have had, the future standing before him, even if Qui-Gon could not say how it had come. His eyes closed a moment, that ghost of a smile. "Not that long for myself, yet the truth is right there."

There was little doubt that Obi-Wan would become a great Jedi. He'd believed that before his death, knowing that his Padawan would surpass him in time. "And I you, even if it is unexpected."

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At least this wasn’t Siri’s first time getting displaced; and her arrival in the City was much less... startling. Abrupt. It was probably because she was alive for this one, she mused quietly. The most bothersome thing about her arrival was that she was... alone. There were familiar presences in the Force, and she found herself almost immediately starting towards them, hope tightening her chest.

Until she stopped herself. It made more sense to explore her new surroundings before... learning who else was there with her. At least, she told herself it was. So she explored, speaking occasionally to townspeople. But keeping her distance from the Force presences for the time being.

And then she saw him, and the air rushed from her kriffing lungs. Obi-Wan. “Obi-Wan.” She murmured his name aloud, even as she instinctively reached out to him in the Force.
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Thank the Force. His words raised questions, but they could wait. She met him halfway, closing the distance between them with quick steps. She didn’t have the... restraint he did; the moment he was close enough she was embracing him tightly. The swell of emotions she was sensing made her worry. What had happened?

Only when she pulled back did she finally respond to his words, cupping his cheek with her hand, her thumb brushing his lips. Force, she couldn’t stop TOUCHING him. “ well?” she asked softly, blue eyes searching his. “Who else is here?”
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Her stomach sank as he removed her hand from his face. What if he’d changed his mind? Force, what if he didn’t remember Niflheim? And she’d just physically assaulted an Obi-Wan who had never made the choice to... be with her. It was possible. Kriff, they’d witnessed it themselves often enough during their time there. But he was still holding her hand....

Then he spoke, and her shock rippled through the Force, blue eyes wide. “Oh.” Master Qui-Gon... alive. Concern for Obi-Wan made her curl her hand around his. She couldn’t imagine what this must be like for him, to suddenly see his former master, alive. Here. If the Nysgods could return her to life, there was no reason that others, this City, couldn’t do the same. But it was still... unexpected. “Are you all right? Is HE all right?”
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He'd pretty much spent his first day here being attached to Josh at the hip (and doing the whole 'holy hell there are a lot of people from home and that one home-adjacent place' thing), but after a while, even Aiden conceded that he couldn't just follow his boyfriend around everywhere. Josh had people to catch up with, Aiden had people to catch up with, and they both had a new home to scope out. Since they were definitely both staying.

That's how Aiden finds himself in this diner, taking a break from walking around. When he'd walked in and sat down about half an hour ago, it had looked exactly like any diner you'd find anywhere around America.

...But then a new customer walks in, and everything blurs and...

Yeah, no. That waitress just became a robot. That waitress just became a robot.

"That's crazy."

Aiden mutters, mostly to himself but probably loud enough for other people to hear. It's not like it's the first time it's happened since he's been here, but it's definitely the...biggest change.

(Playing with the diner and setting changes, hope you don't mind!)
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Damon had seen plenty of diners over the years. He didn't frequent them often - he didn't need to, they didn't exactly serve his favorite "meal" - but as he walked into this particular one, he had to stop and stare. He tilted his head, glanced around . . . nope, this was new. Somewhat familiar, if at least in the layout, but everything else?

"What the hell?"
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"I'm having a Back to the Future moment." He answers, giving the man a brief glance before he looks around again. That was the only explanation, given he hadn't really experienced Coba's strange effect all that much. He'd mostly ran into people he knew.
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Ah, he should have expected as much. Damon glances at the man again and shrugs, mouth twisting into a half-smirk. "It's a movie. This place kind of looks like it, only with less . . . robots and whatever is making food back there."

He shrugs a shoulder. "Not something you see every day where I'm from."

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