Jun. 15th, 2015

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WHO: Patchouli, whoever else feels like showing up
WHERE: Places. You know. Basically wherever. A library is a good bet, though.
WHEN: Late Day 2-Early Day 3 I... think...
WHAT: Somehow it became possible to get this nerd to have a look around a city.

Patchouli emerged from the mansion in the middle of the night to unfamiliar surroundings. Apparently the city was so intent on dragging her in that it would give her nowhere else to go. Fine. She just wouldn't go anywhere, then, right?

Well, about that... For some reason probably a blatant shoehorning in order to get her to go look around, the siren allure of other libraries drew Patchouli into the city. She also decided to explore everything available to her. What this means is that other people have many opportunities to interrupt her, and pretty much wherever -- but once she runs across an unfamiliar library, she might settle in for a while to read.
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WHO: Naoto Shirogane, and you!
WHERE: Shirogane Investigations in the Inaba Shopping District
WHEN: Day 2 and beyond
WHAT: Shirogane Investigations is open for business or curious visitors

Next to Tatsumi Textiles in the Inaba shopping district, there used to be a vacant shop, however one day, it was a bit not so empty anymore. On a glass window in the front, there was, in a very simple font: Shirogane Investigations.

Inside, it looks very much like a 1950s noir detective's office. A secretary's desk with requisite computer and telephone is in front of a door that leads to another office, outfitted with its own computer and desk, along with bookshelves and some file cabinets. In the main office In the main office there is a sofa, some magazines (is that one in Elvish?) and a coffee maker on a side table with some mugs and cookies.

In the inner office is a blue-hatted tiny androgynous figure, feet up on the desk and reading a book, looking every inch the detective in residence. Come on in!

[OOC: Shirogane Investigations is open for business! Naoto is open to investigate things for PCs or NPCs, or just to talk to the curious.]