Jun. 17th, 2015

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WHO: Erik Lehnsherr and YOU.
WHAT: Looking around. Erik is out of prison and in some strange town that isn't Paris.
WHERE: Anywhere you like.
WHEN: Day 2-5

He'd gotten out of the car with everyone else, gone into the bathroom on the plane to change out of his prison clothes and when he returned to the cabin... Charles, Hank... the stranger they were with: none of them was on the plane. The cabin was empty and they were in the air.

They landed in a city. He was handed a pamphlet when he disembarked.


He took a room for the night, heading out the next morning to look around. Where did everyone else go, if they weren't on the plane, and how could he get ahold of them? How was he going to get back... and did he want to? Charles had told him he'd broken him out only because he absolutely had to. He needed him for something that he didn't want his help with and Erik didn't know what yet. He did know that his idea of what was important hadn't matched Charles' in a long time.

But for now? He just needed intel. So he walked.