Jul. 12th, 2015

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WHO: Siri Tachi and OPEN; Siri Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi (CLOSED)
WHEN: Day 7, early morning; Day 10, evening
WHERE: Around the City
WHAT: Siri can’t sleep for REASONS, so she’s exploring the City.

Day 7 )

Day 10: closed to Obi-Wan )
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WHO: Shura and YOU.
WHAT: A demon has found its way into Coba!
WHERE: Anywhere you like.
WHEN: Day 7?

This is quite a place Shura has found herself into. It looks like a normal, modern city at first glance, but if she stares long enough, she can see ruins and desolation everywhere. Is this an illusion? It was hard to tell. Both the modern city and the rubble looked equally real. She walks around the shopping district and stops every few steps, trying to find a clue as to what this place really is, why she is here, and whether she can find any drinkable water for her parched throat. As she travels, her stench lingers in the air long after she has left, a mix of dirt, gore, and sweat that makes it difficult for others to breathe. Maybe someone should tell her, as she seems oblivious.