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001 ♔ totally not late to the party

WHO: Cynthia and anyone and everyone
WHEN: Day 7-9
WHERE: One of two places, the library or the park, or probably a mix of both because Coba provides
WHAT: She came in, had to go home for reasons that she cannot say, and is now back to actually make friends this time

[She was there to read. Why? She liked reading. Back home, she would spend her lazy days buried in a book or two...or ten. Sure she was here to take a vacation and meet new people. But who's to say you can't meet a new friend while enjoying a good book in a quiet place.

Plus, let's face it, this library wouldn't stay a library for long.]

[Today seemed like a good day to stay outside, maybe have a picnic and take a nap under a huge tree. But she was too lazy to pack a picnic, so she definitely chose the latter. She set herself up under a huge oak tree, waited a bit for Coba to provide her a tree with a tire swing, and just relaxed there. It was a beautiful day, and the perfect time to let all her pokemon out to run around and play. After all, what kind of trainer would she be if she didn't let her pokemon enjoy today?

So avoid eye contact with the dragon, and feel free to bother her.]
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[ is that a dragon. . . . He's going to take pictures of it ]
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Uhm . . . Hi?
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I don't know, is your dragon going to eat me??
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No, why would I hurt her? I was just taking pictures. Totally harmless!
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. . . Wait, is that a pokemon?

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[ Dragons. He's fought plenty in his time - even made friends with a few, which is saying a lot - but he didn't expect to see one in a city. Of course, this does merit caution, but to see a lady alongside it might mean it has been tamed. Her pet? Her mount? Ah, to ride a dragon! ]

'tis yer dragon, is it? If ye tamed it, good job.

[ This humanoid is also a massive titan of a person at 7'7. So it's almost like he's a beast himself. ]
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[ He's used to having to talk down to the ground to engage with others - 9/10 people in his free company are tiny cat people. ]

So yer some sort of... beast tamer, is it? I be a wee envious! Would nay say no to a chance of a team of fat dodos at me biddin'.
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Dinnae know what that is, but I like yer dragon. Good job! Ye make 'em... what? What's the trainin' fer?
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'tis fer sport, then! And ye all have great beasts like yer dragon? Aye, Coba's gonna be a fun adventure, then!

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[Since it was such a nice day, Hibiki was planning to settle down under some shade in the park and people watch, but there was someone already there. He approaches, ready to ask if she'd mind if he sat on the opposite side, except that's when he notices the dinosaur-dragon looking thing in a sandbox not too far away from them.]

HOLY CRAP, it's a...dinosaur dragon demon thing?

[Is it a demon? It might be a demon. Hibiki totally thinks it's some kind of weird demon from another world.]
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[Hibiki doesn't appear quite so started, but he's still looking over her Garchomp, examining it as best he can from where he's at.]

I don't know, she might hurt me if she gave me a hug. Look at those spikes!

[He turns his head to look at Cynthia.]

Is she yours?
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[Hibiki leans towards her Garchomp to get a better view.]

Huh. I can't say I'd expect something as big and mean-looking as her to be a good hugger, but you can't judge people based on appearances, right?

...Or Garchomps. Can't judge Garchomps based on appearances.

[He still has no idea wtf a Garchomp is, other than maybe a demon.]
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[Okay, Hibiki recognizes some words. But... No way. No. Way. Except yes way? Holy crap, Pokemon got weird.]

...Pokemon? Pokemon? Garchomp is a pokemon and not a, uh, demon?

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