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Alone in the World

Who: Azula & (mostly) open
Where: forest & Coba proper
When: Day 9-10
What: Azula arrives and begins to settle in to her new living situation.

Day 9, night - closed to Cato

Azula hasn't stopped running. Into one forest and through another, though her mind hasn't caught up with the change. All she knows is that she has to get away. Get away from her mother, from her brother, from the sister she doesn't want to know. There's a hundred things to leave behind, and she can't do it fast enough. But it's hard to breathe. She's been running a long time, and she's never stopped crying. But she can't stop. Not until she can't go any longer.

Which... is sooner than expected when she runs smack dab into someone. Hard enough to knock her down, which sends her scurrying to her feet and sliding into a fighting stance. She expects a spirit, something that wants to kill her. Maybe someone that wants to kill her. There are enemies everywhere.

Day 10, morning - open
After a long night, Azula makes her way into the town proper. She doesn't know what to expect, but her... companion? the previous night has agreed to meet her in two days' time if they don't run into each other sooner. Make sure they're both still alive after coming into town. Not that either of them will really care, but it's a strange kind of comfort to know that, if she dies, someone will know.

Her steps are cautious, and her eyes dart constantly, as though she wants to see in every direction at once. Food is necessary; she's finally hungry. Lodging can come after that. Of course, a way to pay for things matters too. She has no jewellery from the Fire Nation, nothing to barter with. If it comes to it, she supposes she can learn to steal. Or just demand and set fire to anyone who doesn't comply. She can be a monster. She is a monster. If she has to, she'll act like one.

But for a little while, at least, she'll wander. Try to acquaint herself with things.

Day 10, afternoon - open

After finding a room (which was strangely free -- she's still waiting for the catch on that) and some food, Azula is more curious than on edge. Which leads her to roam again, but, this time, she's taking everything in. Still trying to see everything at once, yes, but there's nothing frantic about it now. Instead, at shops, she scrutinizes everything available to her, discarding most items as unsuitable. Others, she makes mental notes about. They can be gotten later. Once she understands how this strange place works.

And with the necessities provided for, she can seek out the luxuries. Like a good tea shop. Of course, that's more difficult than she likes since, well, she doesn't have a map. So, she can be found wandering the streets, examining all of the signs she can find. It's obvious she's looking for something.