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WHO: Tsukishima and You
WHERE: Somewhere in the middle of the city
TIME: Day ??
DESCRIPTION: Tsukishima gets dropped off and... lost?!

Training camp was a success. If it only didn't make his limbs feel as if they will fall off any given second. His fingers on right hand are still sprained and twitching numbly but he learned to ignore it. Tsukishima fixed the bandage over them and just as he's done tying it up the bus stops. There was collective groan, that yet again was ignored, as he picks up his bag and gets off the bus.

Only this isn't Miyagi. And upon further inspection Tsukishima realizes that this isn't Tokyo either! ...did the bus driver make a break stop? He never did that before.

"Oi, Yamaguchi, this is-" Tsukishima turns around towards his friend, only to find that he's not there. In fact there's no one there. His whole team and bus evaporated in the air. There aren't many things that surprise Tsukishima but- didn't they just stop here!? Yamaguchi was right behind him!

Spotting nearest store, he shifts bag on his shoulder and walks over. He picks up the newspapers and frowns at it. Coba? Is that even in Japan?
He doesn't like this. He doesn't like this at all.
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[ Kirk is outside, fiddling with his new PADD when he spots the kid ]

Everything okay?
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First time in the city, right?
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I think that applies to most of us, kid. Where are you from?
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You can probably get back if you leave the city. There's nothing keeping you here. But this isn't Japan. It's some kind of subspace dimension people can access at will.
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No, I don't think you'd be lost. Like, I can go back to my ship any time I want.
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Exploring this place. It is a brand new dimensional pocket.
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Time isn't linear. Try it out and see. I won't even miss my shift.
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Test it out yourself. It's easier than hearing it from a stranger.
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Good luck to you, kid.
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You're welcome.
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Tyler knows a newcomer when he sees one - and this guy's no exception. He figures, he might as well pay it forward and see if the new guy needs help too.

"What's up?" He asks, holding a shopping bag in his left hand as he glances over at the other young man. "The year different for you or something?"
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"Good question. What isn't the deal with Coba, man..."

Tyler laughs, not bothering to hide his exasperation. "Basically, this place is desperate for people to come and stay here. So they do things like pull you from where you were, or send you free plane tickets, or whatever. The catch: you can actually go home at any time. You're not actually stuck here."
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"Dumb? Confusing? Some combination of the two? Yeah, I thought the same thing."

Tyler can't blame the guy's sudden speechlessness. Coba, by all accounts, shouldn't be this weird. Then again, Coba also shouldn't be snatching buildings and city streets right and left either.

"There's legit reasons for staying, though. I'm sticking around for college," and for his girlfriend. Not that he'll say so out loud. "I would've gone away from home anyways, you know?"
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"There's a proper working everything. You name it, you can probably find it here. School, work, city life..." Tyler shrugs, listing them off with his fingers. The last thing he wants to be is some dumb shill for this place, but it kind of grows on a guy.

"I'm working on the social life stuff, but you can always go straight home. Maybe not the same way you came, though."
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wow hi i thought i replied

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"Pretty much."

Tyler glances behind the other guy - besides pedestrians, there's not much else on the road. The bus (if there was a bus) is long gone. "You might find it at the bus station."

If there's such a thing. Truthfully, he hasn't been in a hurry to go back home yet.
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still ❤

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Calm is relative - some mornings (or nights), the city parties like no other. Tyler never knows what to expect at this point, but he'll take the calm. He'll so take the calm.

He shakes his head. "Sorry, man. I haven't bothered to leave town yet, so I don't know that stuff." Tyler pauses, before adding, "Coba's map isn't consistent, though. It might be there one day, and on the opposite side of town the next."
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“Not pointless, just inconvenient.” Tyler can emphasize. The ever-shifting landscape hasn't done him many favors. “Some buildings are locked in place, some aren't.”

He snorts, though, at the idea of liking Coba. While that's partially true, it's not the full reason he stuck around. “More like it's the lesser of two evils. Either I go to school back home, or I stay here. Wasn't a hard choice.”
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"Nope." Tyler knows he's being super unhelpful, so he amends, "There's maps around here. Those can help out more than I could."

He tilts his head. "You should. Hotel rooms are free, so it's been a mini-vacation for some people." It is for him, even if he's attending school here. A place without a ton of violence? Sign him up. Immediately. "The gym's not bad, either."
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Did most people just not carry wallets or credit cards on them? Tyler can't hide his surprise there. He certainly has enough money, so if the kid needs someone to spot him for a night... well, Tyler wouldn't mind helping out. In exchange for a favor.

He picks up a coupon book from a nearby stack and hands one over. "This should help for now. Like I said, super desperate to get people to stay. Things're a lot easier here than back home, like transferring schools or getting a job... or even staying at a crazy-fancy hotel."
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Poor Tsukishima. Trust fund kid Tyler doesn't think much about things like money - and it's more than a little obvious.

"Not sure yet. I haven't seen any weird experiments or dystopian secrets, if that's what you mean." He hesitates, before adding, "So far, the guys from home and I think it wants to be a bigger city than it is, so it's trying to keep people around."
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Tyler shrugs, though it comes off a bit more helpless than he intends. "They got me. The second it seems even the smallest bit weirder, though, I'm bailing."

Because as much as he enjoyed reading Brave New World or 1984, he doesn't want to end up in a world like that.
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