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Familiarizing with Familiarities [Backdated Open to all + Closed Narrative]

Who: Noah and You!
When: Late on Day 6 forward at any time to Day 9
Where: Anywhere! Especially at Cabo Luna and the shabby B-Ball court
What: Noah came back shortly after leaving before, now he needs to regain his bearings, meet with the locals, make new friends and finally relax

Noah was having a nice day out in the court with Rex, their usual hangout, just laughing, talking, Rex makes a crack and Noah fires back, like how they did, before the instance with Breach, before Rex was sucked into a portal for six months. Before Noah made his affiliation with Black Knight a little more...public. When Noah turns to say something else, he's stopped with a punch to his face, like during the lockdown, when he revealed to Rex the half-truth, that he was working for White Knight, only now that more of the secrets being revealed, Rex looks back at him stone cold, the delicate trust that built from before was completely shattered. Looking back, regretfully, pitifully, Noah wanted badly to placate the other, only for the scene to shift to a much duller, darker setting.

He's now in a secluded, dimly lit office, which honestly was more of a familiar sight than anything else. A woman in black with a predatory glint in her eye looks at him, boring into his skull as though she can read every single thought that passed through his mind.

"Black Knight?"

Before he can even blink, she lounges over her desk, grabbing at his throat, nearly cutting off the wind pipe, he attempts to push her off, only to have her eyes glow in an eerie purple hue, where her free hand extends into a metallic, black weapon, something that resembled a whip with a purple tip that produced electric shocks.

"I'll give you five seconds to let this all sink in, since you've have been so loyal to me for such a long time."

Eyes widen as Noah tries to scream out, but all that is produced is a cracking of his voice. His secret was now even out to Black Knight. He double-crossed her, like how he pulled the wool over Rex's eyes twice, but now, he didn't have anyone to rely on, no one to help him. He was completely and utterly alone. And now he was going to die alone by the hand of the woman he swore loyalty to for all time...


The blond young man gasps awake, nails dug into the sheets of his bed, face drenched in sweat, hands and feet cold. He looked around feverishly, gasping, panting. For a moment, he forgets where he even is, only to take a breath, hand to his forehead, recalling everything from before. He was in the city of Coba now. He took the tour bus back here after leaving so shortly to his own world.

It was to the point where the blond dreaded sleep, especially if he knew that the nightmare would recur in his subconscious. The lingering fear was there. That he wouldn't make out of this alive, that there was literally nothing else for him if he ever decided to go back home. But now, why would he want to? To see that angry and hurt face from Rex, though he'd be lucky enough to even have a civil conversation in passing. To see Black Knight, as he inevitably was stabbing her in the back, and while he could see her planning something against him as well in order for to have the upper hand in the betrayal, the possibility of dying by her hand was all very real.

Then his mind wandered to someone else. Caesar. The man he grew to trust and respect more than anyone else. When Rex was missing those six months, it was Caesar he shared close quarters with, the man that was the closest thing to Rex as Noah could have, he found out how much Caesar too was suffering, though the situation was different, they were really still in the same boat. Caesar having to lie and betray Rex in order to keep him safe, away from Black Knight, much like Noah. Suddenly he began to feel guilty for leaving Caesar like this, even if he felt leaving would be good for his sanity. He just needed to survive.

With that in mind, he exhaled, he didn't want to sleep, no matter how tired he felt, but he could at least take comfort of the fact that even if he did have to face the inevitable, he wouldn't be completely and exactly alone in the suffering
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It's been a while since Tyler's played basketball. Or well, anything that wasn't football lately - as he passes by the court, he can't help smiling at the kid playing by himself.

He doesn't have much else to do, so he rolls up his (metaphorical) sleeves, sets his things aside, and holds out his hands for a pass.

"Hey! You got room for one more?"
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Kid's not half bad at it, either. Tyler grins as he accepts the ball and dribbles it a few times. This may actually pose him a challenge, if he keeps his werewolf senses under wraps.

"I'd sure like to see someone try," he retorts, stepping back so he can see the basket better. After another dribble, he aims - and hits the basket. "Were you on the team back home?"
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"Try captain of the football team."

Tyler catches the ball this time, dribbling it before he decides to go ahead and shoot the ball mid-air. It, thankfully, makes a basket. (Thank God. Tyler wasn't sure he could handle an off-day.) "Between that and track, didn't exactly have time to pick up another sport."

Not that he minds playing something outside his comfort zone - football reminded him too much of home, anyways.
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Long distance...? He hadn't thought of it that way, but it made sense. Tyler stifles a laugh as he catches the ball and goes for another basket. This one lands perfectly - and Tyler can't help sighing a little of relief.

"Probably. I think the university's got a field, but I haven't checked yet." Mostly because he's been busy bolstering their (craptastic) fraternity and sorority life.

"If you're sticking around, maybe you should start a team. You're not half-bad."
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"It might balance the weird out, yeah."

Tyler rolls his eyes at Noah's basket, rushing to grab the ball again. Sure, he's annoyed, but much less at Noah and more so at himself - and at the power limiter he wears around his watch. It prevents him from turning into a werewolf, but it also prevents him from using some of his powers.

Which might be good, if it means he has to brush up on his basketball skills. Dribbling the ball, he aims for another basket and sighs as it passes through the basket.

"I've been hanging around college so far, but even that's scary normal by Coba standards. Beyond their craptastic lack of Greek life, I mean."