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Who: an extra large spicy big dad, his extra fat bland small bird, and you
When: Day 11
Where: Throughout the City
What: A huge man walks his bird.

"Come on, Popoto. Yer feets tired?"

This massive tank of a man crouches to gather up a small, round, brown bird; a fledgling Eorzean dodo, with its comically large, googly eyes and ball-like body. It only peeps in response, before he sets the bird right back down again.

"Nah? Aight, come on. We're explorin'."
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Noon, Dex's Diner

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A significantly smaller, younger looking man will eventually cross paths with Dori, as he is about to enter the Dex's Diner. Never having been there before, and needing a job, he hoped there would be a possibility to have his cake and eat it too.

Eyeing the man with the dodo bird, brows raise to his hairline, though he's most likely seen things stranger, if not as strange as that.

"Ah...nice bird."
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"Cool. You mean, back where you're from?"

Clearing his throat, he eyes the Diner then back at the man.

"Say, have you been in this Diner before? Figured I'd try something new here."
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The blond blinks confused, only to have his cheeks redden a few seconds after. Did it really seem like he was...?

"Huh? No! T-that's not what I-"

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However, he attempts to recover.

"Yeah, in your dreams. Nevermind that you're probably twice my age and I have a girlfriend to boot."

Had, he needed to remind himself. But not like this guy needed to know that.

Noah follows in after the man, looking at the aesthetic of the place.

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Hey, Dori. . . . Whaaaat is that . . .
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Hi, Popo . . . to. So your mate . . . like a pet, a chocobo orrr the weird meaning for mate.
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Cool. You guys must have had some crazy adventures.

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[And in that moment, she COMPLETELY understood why people reacted a certain way when the saw her pokemon running out and about.] the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.
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May I ask what exactly a "Popoto" is? It looks so silly, and yet it's the cute kind of silly where all it's movements make you want to hug it.

[Truth be told. It just looked like a big feathery doll. So squishy.]
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A big as yourself, huh?

[She could imagine a few things that could be as big as him. This little bird wasn't one of them. But she does lean in to get a better look at the her.]

Does she have powers? A type? She looks more like a normal type but I can't really say.

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[and here comes captain obvious]

It's so fat! And round!
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[He's too distracted with the bird to really listen, but he picks up one word]

Hey, wait, you aren't planning on eating her, are you? Taking her as a pet and then putting her to slaughter when she's grown? Cruel! Look, she's just pooped herself out of fear.
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Point, and I will concede that you may be right, but I've noticed you're dodging the question. You're planning on eating her, aren't you?

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"My, that's so adorable!"

And there's a young looking lady in a cutesy pink dress enthusing over Popoto.
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"Oh! I really can?"

And Sugar reaches out to gently pet the strangely adorable bird on the head.

"What kind of bird's she?"

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