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Who: Kanji and OPEN (though if you're Shura, he has some stuff for you)
What: Tatsumi Textiles is open for business!
When: all day, Day 14
Where: Tatsumi Textiles, Inaba shopping district
Warnings: none anticipated

The good news about Kanji's business practices is he rarely runs into trouble when Coba decides to get all weird. He prefers working by hand to using a sewing machine anyway, so it usually comes down to a difference in lighting.

(He's having to squint a lot when there's gas lamps or some shit involved, though. That's... troubling.)

The shopping district area doesn't change that often, at least, so that's something. Anyway, he's open for business today, if anyone wants to get some pretty scarves or stupid cute shit, or talk about something more complex. Otherwise he's just gonna chill with some knitting projects.

And if Shura stops by, he has some of the clothes she asked about, and a couple possible kimono designs to talk over.
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About lunch time, the door slides open, and a tiny detective walks in, a thoughtful expression on her face. Without saying much, she just sits down beside him and leans.

There might be something on her mind, but the large yawn indicates otherwise.
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"Not tellin'." Naoto shrugs and snuggles up closer to him. "There's just a lot going on. And I've gotten a couple cases. Seems like some of the natives here like having a detective around. Incompetent police and all."

She yawns. "It's great, but I think I need some sleep."
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"Make me somethin' cute." She snuggles against him, and quickly falls asleep leaning on his arm.

She cuddles up against him as she sleeps, hat falling off.
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"mmmf? Oh, right. food." Naoto stretches a bit and grins up at Kanji.

"Let's try something that's not Aiya for once." And when Naoto is asking for different food, it's worth agreeing to.
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"Oh, alright, if you insist." Naoto laughs a little, stretching and standing up.

"Lock up and let's get going. I'm more hungry than I thought."

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Shura is out and about in the yukata Yukiko gave her, having tied it mostly properly this time. She dares not hang around places too long usually, given how the city likes to accommodate her by turning everything into a wasteland. However, going to Tatsumi Textile is the goal of the day, so she can dress again in something a little easier to put on.

She rings the door when she arrives.

The bell rings, then dies with an eerie sound, and Shura grimaces.
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She smiles and walks in. "Can't wait. Oh, uh, sorry about the doorbell."
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"Oh it's gonna fix itself, I just mean... the dying is my influence. Sorry." She's mostly figured out by now that the city is doing this because a dead world is the environment a Demi-Fiend thrives in.

A smile lights up her face as she takes a good look at the clothes has bought or sewn for her. Shura is not a good judge of clothing quality, but man, she absolutely can't tell what was bought and what Kanji made with his own two hands. He's that great at it. "Thank you! I like everything," she says after looking at every last piece of clothing.

"Design options?" Wow, this is getting better and better. She never would have thought she would be asked about that, and frankly ideas jumble in her mind at the thought. Something simple in remembrance of the Manikins? Something ornate, because she's always wanted to wear a lavish kimono for her wedding? Something branding her as an icon of misfortune, something more joyous to celebrate this live world she was allowed to live in? Flowers? Animals? Scenery? So many choices in her mind!
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Around some time in the afternoon, Tyler decides to finally drop by the Inaba shopping district. He's not sure what he's looking for when he walks inside Tatsumi Textiles - he hadn't planned the trip with a purpose. Well, a purpose beyond exploring.

"Huh," he says to himself, momentarily distracted by the walls of fabric. "This wasn't what I expected."

Then again, he's not sure what he expected in the first place.
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"Not sure. I've never exactly been in a textile store before."

Tyler's seen far stranger to judge the other guy, but once he catches sight of the bunny doll, he can't help a smile as he pulls out his wallet. "I'd take one of those dolls, though. How much do you charge for those?"
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Super affordable, even! Tyler can't quite hide his surprise - with that kind of skill, he'd been expecting something more expensive.

"You're under-charging, man. Lemme at least pay you double for two of them." He pulls out his debit card, placing it between his fingers. "Or triple, if you promise me that the next time a kid wants one, he's got it for free."
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"Of course, man. My frat house could always use a mascot or two."

Considering his fraternity hadn't even decided on their proper colors, Tyler suspected a proper mascot would take longer. (Do frats even have mascots? Eh, they do now.)

He hands over his debit card and stuffs his hands in his pockets again. "Did you do this kind of stuff back home? Er, wherever home is for you?"
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"My fraternity house. Usually, universities have clubs - or fraternities - where guys can get together and work on specific stuff. Mine's all about community service, for example, and the college even gives us a place to live."

It's a short, oversimplified summary, but it should be enough of a starter, Tyler thinks. He's not gonna confuse a guy more than he has to.

"Oh." He knows that feeling too well. "At least we - I mean, you can go back and visit her when you want."

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