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[Backdated to the 23rd][Private to Shura]

[ Depending on how Shura gets this, Noah is going to send a text message her way, but due to how Coba works, she'll most likely get it in a different format if need be. ]

Hey are you busy? I need to talk to u face to face if it's alright. Wanna meet at the b-ball court?

[ Shura would not visually see this, but Noah is physically shaking as he is texting her, doing his best to keep a steady hand. Even if he prepared himself for this talk, the nerves still wouldn't calm. ]
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The reply is simple and scribbled on the bottom of the note delivered to the café by a pigeon. Somhow Noah will get it through text.

Be right there.

She gets up, throw some money on the table, and takes off for the basketball court. It takes her very little time to get there, as in her previous life she was a tracks champion.
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Shura is barely winded as she stops in front of Noah and raises a hand in greeting.

"Hi. Is there someone I gotta beat up for you?"

Shura no.
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Don't feel bad, Noah, she's just mind-boggling powerful and she asks that of everyone. Shura does feel bad now, because while she very much understands the need to go back home and work hard... your goodbye sounds like a farewell.

"Sounds like you carry a heavy burden at home, like me."

She looks down at her shoes, then back up at Noah. "I don't know what you have to do at home, but I can tell you this: Do the right thing. Even if it's hard. Even if it's dangerous. Even if the world is against you. Have no regrets."