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THE FUNHOUSE (Player Plot; Open Mingle).

Who: Anyone who wants!
What: Player Plot: a new building in the city!
When: Day 15 & onward!
Where: A massive carnival funhouse.
Warnings: by thread

New architecture in Coba is no surprise, but this building may be a little different. A massive, three-story warehouse appears in the downtown district, painted in purples, greens, and reds, with shooting stars, fireballs, dancing dragons and neon hurricane spirals all over its sides. In the center, a tower rises another three or four stories, surrounded by scaffolding, a railroad trellis and a tube slide curing around it like double helixes. The slide hangs over the edge of the roof like a rain gutter; the train tracks vanish inside the building, and the doors and windows brim with calliope music and mad laugh tracks.

And for those who venture through those doors, a world of weirdness is in store.

I. The Hall of Mirrors
In the distorted mirrors and winding corridors just past the funhouse entrance, you can see yourself with a little extra weight, or taller and thinner, or upside down, or terribly distorted - but the mirrors aren’t just wavy glass. Some of those other images are wearing different clothing. Some are other genders, or even other species. Some look like they belong in other times or places. And for those who look long enough, the tinkling music and glittery disco-lighting will waver, sounding like a little slice of what’s going on in these alternate worlds, to these alternate selves. they seem close enough to reach out and touch, or to speak to… or, if you turn a corner too quickly, spill you through the glass like a veil and let them out into the hall.

II. The Maze of Doors
Past the mirrors is a solid wall of doors. Doors on the left and right, ahead and behind, interlocking walls made up of doors of every architectural style, trapdoors in the floor and ceiling. Opening most of them just leads to more doors, a maze of openings that go nowhere but to more openings, but a few lead to puzzle rooms, isolated chambers with riddles, or obstacles, or hidden elements. Almost any kind of mystery can be found in these chambers - or someone might find a way out no more than three doors in, and progress to the next section.

III. Barrel of Fun
The Barrel of Fun is a simple, short tunnel that spins slowly as explorers make their way down it It seems simple at first, despite the stumbles, but emerging on the other side is more disorienting than usual. Like some sort of MC Escher gateway, people may find themselves standing easily on the walls or the ceiling, effectively stuck there by re-oriented gravity that won’t wear off for quite some time… but may wear off quite suddenly when it finally does.

IV. The Fortune Teller
A small, shadowy room with colored lamp-light contains a glass case with a mechanical puppet-figure inside, turning cards and spitting them out of a nutcracker-like mouth through a slot in the glass. Anyone who feeds a coin into the machine will receive a fortune-cookie fortune printed on the back of a Tarot card - maybe one that describes the person or their life with uncanny accuracy… or maybe, simply, sheerest nonsense.

V. The Hologram Machine
In the same room as the fortune-teller, on the far side, there are several sets of viewing glasses, between binoculars and kaleidoscopes, but fixed on little platforms and pivots, held in place. The wall they look at shows flickering, holographic projections when looked at - the past and memories of someone in the room, seeming more and more real the longer one looks, as watchers become less and less aware of the viewing glasses, until they believe they could just step into the memory…

VI. The Ballpit
It’s a ballpit. A big ballpit, the size of a swimming pool, and just as deep or deeper in places. There’s no apparent way out, either, once you’ve jumped in - climbing nets drape the walls, but the narrow ledge up there doesn’t have any exit, and the plastic drape of the door you entered through doesn’t open from the inside.

The exits are segmented plastic tunnels, deep under the surface, hidden, feeding into chutes that lead to other rooms, dropping people right through hidden doors in the walls. But most of them lead to the same place…

VII. The Mystery Mine Ride
You’re dropped with little finesse or fanfare into a padded seat mounted inside a minecart, beside someone else - someone random, dropped in through another hole. The kick of momentum from your arrival starts the cart rolling along the tracks through a darkened tunnel, dim, flickering gaslights on the walls offering little warning of sudden turns, sickening drops, unexpected rises where the cart is hooked by ratcheting clamps and dropped along another slope. Maybe the track leads under a waterfall, or maybe the painted faces on the walls are real, or maybe there’s a sudden spike of fear - or anger, or affection - as the way you feel about the person next to you is suddenly spiked, positively or negatively. Whether it’s a nightmare tour of thrills and chills, a tunnel of love, or just another roller-coaster, eventually it rises into the sunlight, spiraling up around the tower and into a carousel loop inside.

VIII. The Tower Viewer
The windows in the tower look out, offering a panoramic view of the surroundings… sort of. From here, you can see into a dozen different worlds, places familiar, forgotten, or never glimpsed before. The vista could be almost anything, public or private, near or far. One way or another, though, eventually you’ll see that there's only one way out of here…

IX. The Slide
The slide. A spiraling tube slide, with sides slick and frictionless, anyone dropping down it will move faster and faster for what seems like far too long, an unbelievable length, until finally they’re spat out… off the edge of the rooftop, thirty feet above the ground, moving a hundred miles an hour… and slowly descending, fluttering like a feather, on a random trajectory to elsewhere in Coba.

Even if they want, by the time they could make their way back to the funhouse, it seems to have disappeared… for now. But in another few days or weeks, it may be back, its mysteries free to be explored again…
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I - Hall of Mirrors

Why Naoto wandered in here in the first place can probably only be blamed on her curiosity. However, she is standing in front of a mirror, staring at two different versions of herself. One is tall, male, and dressed in a Sherlock Holmes-esque outfit, bright colors swirling around him. The other is closer to her own height, but is wearing a black bodysuit with yellow lights shining on it in various patterns, a flowing black and yellow cape, and a sun-shape on its upper arm. The body suited version is speaking.

"Interesting. I had wondered what would happen to the I/O tower once the Users left the Grid."

The other just stares at the first. "You're supposed to be dead! You blew up with SETA in a bomb that took out automata!"

Naoto herself is just standing there, staring at the other two arguing versions of her, confused.

IV - The Fortune Teller

A while later, Naoto is staring at a Fortune Tarot card in her hand, a strange phrase on the back: You've saved yourself, that never goes away. What in the world even is this?

She sighs. "I have such bad luck with fortunes."

X - The Wheel Of Fortune

Choose your own Adventure with Naoto!
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Naoto squeezes his hand tightly, a sign that she is much more unsettled than she is letting on. As she moves a bit closer to him, one of the images disappears in a swirl of colored light.

The golden-lit figure in the mirror turns to see its companion, and a tiny smile crosses its face for a moment as it looks up at the other.

Naoto glances up at Souji, confused. "Who are they? What even is this?"
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"...The fuck is that?"

Really, it's the only appropriate response to Naoto's mirror.
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"I have no idea."

"Kanji!" The Sherlock-outfitted Naoto grins and waves. "It's good to see you without the rockface at the moment."

The other version of Naoto just shakes its head with a tiny smile.

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"How'm I supposed t'know? You're the one who's a guy in that reflection and you don't know anything about it either."

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[Rise was exploring herself, a bit wary of something this...flashy just popping up, especially when she doesn't recognize it, but she relaxes immediately when she runs into Naoto.]

Oh hey, Naoto! You did the fortune-telling? What does yours say?
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Nonsense, like always.

[Naoto rolls her eyes, but holds out the Fortune card with its words on the back: You've saved yourself, that never goes away.]

I have terrible luck with Shrine fortunes. I always get curses.
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I THINK they do American-style fortune cookies in Japan

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[Rise reads it, and smiles.]

Aw, this one's not so bad. It's words of encouragement. More like a fortune cookie than a shrine fortune, though...still true.
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Eh. We'll run with it.

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Well, then.

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V. The Hologram Room
[Nagi isn't all that familiar with binoculars. These are obviously set up to be glanced through though and it's with curiosity that she steps up to do so.

When the first image pops up though, she draws back a moment in surprise. ... What is that?]

VI. The Ballpit
[At first it's not that bad really. Of all the places she could be spit out into, a giant tub of balls seems the least worrisome. And then she realizes with a start that the fall took more than just her balance. Patting her right hip pocket, she frowns a moment.]

My phone...

[Oh no. At first she simply bends from her waist, planting her face and arms in the balls themselves. Then she sort of wades around for a few minutes, trying to sift through the balls close to where she landed.]

VII. The Mystery Mine Ride
[In the end Nagi and her phone both find their way out through those tunnels. And on the other side?]


[Heads up, person in the minecart!]

The Wildcard
[If I missed a prompt you'd like to try or you have something else, feel free to hit me up here or via PMs.]
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[The Summoner bounces against the seat a moment and sits in a dazed stupor for a few seconds. Once she realizes she's landed on someone, she flusters and retracts at least her legs to attempt to crawl more into her own side of the seat.]

Pardon me, I--

[The next moment there comes another object hurtling with the last few colored spheres, bouncing off one to land somewhat more gently against the bottom of the minecart. The Summoner's attention instantly diverts to it.]

There it is!

[And so she leans forward without thinking, rear and legs on the seat and upperhalf toward the bottom of the cart as she stretches out an arm to grasp hold of that phone of hers.

And that's when the minecart rocks forward.]

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[There's something inherently terrifying about ball pits, and not just because Rise came in here in a skirt. Still though, she arrives through the plastic curtain to find Nagi flailing around there and is a little concerned.]

Hey! Do you need some help?
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[She pops back up, a few balls rolling off the top of her head.]

Ah, Rise-san. I dropped by phone...

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VII. The Mystery Mine Ride

[Ray is usually all for fun and adventure, but he'd be lying to himself if he didn't admit this was, at the very least, mildly alarming. He turns to the person next to him, trying to sound light-hearted.]

I used to play a video-game with this exact level on it.
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Hall of Mirrors

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She wasn't expecting to see anything but some funny shapes of herself, get a good laugh once in awhile. But what she saw...was anything but. The reflection showed herself in a gown but that wasn't all: it looked like a unicorn with her features were speaking to someone...and she looked angry.


The reflection screamed that out and it made Yukiko try to peer closer at who the unicorn was angry at...and noticed that two other ponies were simply standing there, neutral expressions etched on their faces. She didn't need to say who they were, the looks of a familiar hat on the tiny blue pegasus and the blonde hair of the massive stallion were a dead giveaway.

She was angry at a version of Kanji and Naoto. But...why?
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"...Well, at least you make a cute horse, but I gotta wonder what made her so angry." At... horse-him and Naoto, no less. And then there's the question of why they're horses in the first place.

This mirror thing is starting to give Kanji a headache.
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The Yukiko outside didn't respond because she was too fixated on the furious unicorn. It was like when her shadow appeared in Atia but her anger was more quiet and resentful; this felt like pent up rage. So much hurt she could feel and she had no idea why, just the thought of two of her friends doing something like leaving...something was wrong.

The pony Kanji spoke but no one could hear his words, the pony Yukiko's brows knitting tightly as she lashed out again.

"Did you consider to ask Yu what happened?! Why he let out a creature that put everyone in Equestria in danger?! I'm surprised you of all people never considered to ask, Naoto-kun! Isn't that what a detective does?! Why is it that strangers were willing to forgive and give him a second chance while you two stuck your heads in the sand?! Probably saw that other version of him and decided to run away."

And that made the human feel sick to her stomach. "They...left him...?"

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Rise sees this and decides to ask the important question:

"Okay, obviously something important is going on in this whatever it is, but...why horses?" she wonders.
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"I...don't think that's the important thing right now." Yukiko grimaces because the pony inside the mirror decides to lash out at the other two, slapping Naoto in the face and giving the Kanji pony a good double kick to his chin.

"Whoa how mad is she?!"

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[Rise was trying to investigate this place thoroughly, in case it turned out to be as dangerous as the bizarre architecture she was more used to did. Thankfully, she hasn't sensed any Shadows. On the other hand, being thorough with the maze combined with Kanzeon being less helpful than usual for navigating has left her fairly lost.]

Man, this is just embarrassing. Mapping out mazes like this is half my job...

[Plus, she can't figure out for the life of her how to get these sheep, wolves, and humans across the hypothetical river this room is asking her about.]

And who wants to bring a wolf across the river with them anyway? This is worse than math...



[That was not a very ladylike entrance. After a second of shock and skirt-smoothing, Rise looks around.]

A roller coaster? Uh, I don't know about this...

[She's seated for a few moments, growing steadily more nervous, until someone gets dropped in next to her.]
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[Rise smiles once someone she knows and trusts gets dropped next to her. Especially since she's been meaning to drag him to an amusement park for months now.]

If there's anyone who knows how much you like exploring mazes, Souji, it's me. Sorry I couldn't be more h--hey!

[The roller coaster starts mid-sentence, jerking them forward and up the upward slope of the initial hill. Rise instinctively grabs Souji's hand.]

The first part's always the worst on these things...

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