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Seta Souji ([personal profile] fridgeninja) wrote in [community profile] cityofcoba2015-09-14 09:14 am
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Who: Inaba House residents, friends, & guests.
What: A maze of relationships.
When: Day 22.
Where: Inaba House.
Warnings: drama.

The day after a pajama party, everything starts lazily, and Souji's dresser often ends up ransacked, especially the shirt drawer. This morning is the opposite of an exception. Souji, at least, is downstairs early, in a pair of yellow track pants and a slightly oversized black T shirt with a skull that belongs to Kanji but smells like Naoto's shampoo.

Until someone or something demands his attention, he's sprawled on the couch, daydreaming over a cup of coffee, and letting events unfold around him.

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