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WANTED: A stylist

Shura had written a wanted ad on a piece of paper to pin it to one of the public boards in the city center. As soon as she pinned it, however, the board fell apart, but then reassembled itself into an widescreen Internet terminal as she tried to leave. The screen read:


Need help picking clothes and shopping.
Money reward.
Must like body art.

Eastern Apartment Complex
Floor 6, room 606

And, thanks to the terminal's network connection, the ad has been sent to the online board for these advertisements, so people with electronic devices can access it.
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...Ain't my usual thing, but I can help you out if nobody else bites. One of my friends would probably be a better bet, though.

Especially if whoever this is, since Kanji can't tell much from the name, needs a bra.
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Well, Kanji's getting the texts just fine, so there's that.

I'll ask Rise when she has time and get back to you.
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No problem.

...Uh, who're we looking for? Just remembered that part's kinda important.
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Okay. Name's Kanji. I'll be over as soon as I can, if Rise doesn't beat me to it.

Really, even if she does. Kanji's not one to leave someone in the lurch when they need clothes. And true to that, it's not too long before there's a knock on Shura's door.
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...O... kay. This is gonna be a tall order for even Rise, but Kanji's pretty sure he can help too. At the very least with how to tie a yukata properly.

"I think I see the problem," he says, once he's in the door - thankfully, if there's one thing Atia's good for it's raising the bar on what counts as scandalous. "Worst case, I can make you some stuff."
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You bet your ass he can make clothes. And stupid cute shit, but that's not what she needs help with right now.

"No problem - and absolutely. Here--"

A little fussing later, and Kanji has the yukata much more securely tied. "That better?"
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Small details. The important thing is she's covered, and doesn't look like she has no idea what she's doing.

"Sure. So what kinda problems you been havin' other than not being able to get that thing tied right?"
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"Yeah, that's... a slight problem. If there was anything left t'salvage I'd fix it for you, but it sounds like it ain't worth the trouble. What kinda stuff are you lookin' for?"
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"...Rise's gonna be a better bet for the underwear." He's made a few binders for Naoto, sure, but that's a completely different class of undergarment. Kanji doesn't know a damn thing about bras other than (sort of) how to unhook them.

And that's pretty much down to Naoto's enforced month in girl clothes.

"I can handle the rest, though, even if I end up havin' to make it all myself. Especially a kimono, that won't be any trouble at all."
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Well, it doesn't exactly bother Kanji anymore (thank you Atia). Not as long as Shura's okay with it, anyway.

"Absolutely. Usually when we do make clothes it's stuff like that anyway. Price's gonna depend on how fancy you want, of course, but it won't be any trouble at all."
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"They ain't that hard to get one once you're used to 'em. And seriously, it's no problem."

He does shit like this all the time anyway. Might as well do it for something useful, right?
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Text 1/2

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hey my friend Kanji sed u were a girl who needs help shopping??? O(≧▽≦)O

if u here knocking that's me coming over .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙
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[Indeed, per the instructions Kanji relayed to her, Rise's over within a half hour or so and knocking politely on Shura's door.]
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Well hello to all those tattoos. It was like looking at Chloe during that month. Right down to the extra cleavage display.

Rise does manage to regain eye contact after a second, then lose it to the neck horn, then regain it again. "Sure! We can talk about what you want to do."

She smiles. "I'm Rise Kujikawa. You must be Shura."
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"Rise's fine! I'm not really good at being formal. And tea would be great!" she says, waving off any concern. She does, out of habit, note Shura's odder qualities as she slips off her shoes and steps inside.

"Hey uh...is it weird if I ask where you got all the tattoos?" she asks. "I've never seen anything like them."
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"That's really cool...wait, became a demon?" Rise asks, not really sure which part of that question to emphasize.

On the one hand, she's seen a lot of weird shit. On the other, demons aren't supposed to be so...human-looking, right?
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"Makes as much sense as anything. I'm from the middle of nowhere, but I've gotten to know Shibuya pretty well," she says.

She looks Shura over once again, probably a little impolitely. "So...what happened to make you into a demon? Unless that's too personal."
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"The end of the world? Wait, how often does that actually happen?" Rise asks, surpised. "I mean, I never met Lucifer, although Senpai did get him as a Persona after we stopped Ameno-Sagiri..."