Jun. 20th, 2015

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WHO: Rebekah and Hayley | [Closed]
WHEN: This is backdated to after the ~supernatural drama kids (Mystic Falls/New Orleans) book club~ thing that was on day one.
WHERE: Meeting in Rebekah's hotel room.
WHAT: These two knew they needed to catch up in a place where there aren't so many prying ears. This is what they're doing now.

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WHO: Tommy Shepherd and YOU.
WHAT: A young mutant kicking back with too much food.
WHERE: Anywhere you like.
WHEN: Days 3-5.

Coba was amazing, in Tommy's opinion. It was just like being in New York -- at least, most of the time -- except without the worrying about the contents of his wallet. He could just walk up to a hot dog stand, ask for six, and boom, he had lunch. He even gets an extra large soda.

Which is what he has just done. Tommy kicks back on a park bench with an obscene amount of hot dogs, and looks very intent on eating the lot of them. Other people might be worried about the nature of Coba, or weirded out by the entire thing, but for the moment, Tommy pushed that all to the back of his mind.

"This place is awesome," he said out loud, as if to reassure himself of that fact. Really, who could complain about free housing and free food? Only crazy people. So what if the street occasionally couldn't decide if it was asphalt or cobblestone.