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Who: Everyone
Where: Wherever you read the news.
When: Day 10. Must be Tuesday, Tuesdays are always kinda weird.


So, you're browsing through the newspaper, either online or a physical copy. And you reach the Personal Ads section.

There are regular ads "lost dog", "free couch", "human male seeks alien lifeforms for science and friendship."

And then there is a blank space with the instructions "WRITE YOUR OWN."

SO. COBA CITIZENS. Write a classified ad, or reply to other people's classified ads.
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Who: Istas and you!
When: Day 9, midday
Where: On a random city street
What: Istas arrives, and everything is now ridiculously cold.

Istas had just stepped out of the store when it happened, brand new midnight blue petticoat in hand. She'd expected to emerge to blaring horns, towering skyscrapers, and countless busy humans rushing down the sidewalk.

Instead she emerged to a small town, surrounded by snow and land where trees could not grow. The buildings were familiar - in fact, if she wasn't mistaken, they were exactly the same as those in Kugluktuk, which had seemed so large when she was young. But the smells here that were not the scents of Kugluktuk, and the people were not the people of Kugluktuk. The place before her was not as it appeared.

It was also not New York. Istas stood frozen in confusion and bewilderment. How could she be here, in Not-Kugluktuk? She had not arrived here by plane, or run across the frozen tundras. She had only walked through a door.

Istas did not understand. And she did not like it. She spun around, wishing to flee back into the store that she had left, but it was gone. Instead there was just a house, without even any parasols for sale in the window. With an angry growl, she clawed at the door with fingernails that had grown larger and sharper, leaving deep gouges in the wood.

[[ooc: Istas wears Gothic Lolita clothing and this is her current outfit<]]