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WHO: Yuya and you!
WHERE: A store somewhere
TIME: Day 9
DESCRIPTION: Shopping is hard, especially when you're dead broke.

[One minute he's being locked into a jail cell, then when he turns around he's suddenly in an open city holding a pamphlet that definitely wasn't in his hands a minute ago. It takes some staring at the pamphlet and a little time spent making sure he's not dreaming (pinching, running around to work up a sweat, various failed attempts to scare himself, and so on) before he accepts that this is real...

And that maybe this could be an opportunity?

So it's not too long before he's hanging around the first shop he finds, checking out the hairpins and trying to look A) like he knows what in the world he's doing looking at hairpins and B) innocent, like he's not hoping to take up lock-picking based on vague memories of movies he's seen and the faint hope that any attempts at lock-picking will actually work.

It's not working very well, and when a thought strikes him and he riffles through the bunch of coupons he just groans and considers giving up. What a time to have no money!]

They have all these ways to stay places for free, but everything else...
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[Hibiki was browsing through the store at another rack of accessories, but it's impossible to ignore that outcry. He turns, finds the distressed looking guy, and nods solemnly as he approaches from his side.]

Welcome to the I'm Broke Club. We'd have t-shirts, but they cost money too.
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[Said flatly:]


[Hibiki isn't lying, exactly. He's researching what's available since he'd like to pick something up for his friends. Or, rather, hopefully convince someone else to pick something up for his friends. One day. Maybe. In a normal tone of voice, he says:]

What are you looking at hairpins for, anyway? Is your girlfriend's birthday?
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[Hibiki grins mischievously.]

Oooooh, so a girl who's a friend who's not your girlfriend. Got it, got it. Hey, good luck! I'll be rooting for you, stranger. And if you need any help with impressing her, I've been told I make a good wingman.
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[To continue teasing, or to not continue teasing... Oh, what the heck. You only live once.]

I'm sure you'll see each other again soon. If the bonds of love are true, then neither distance nor time can truly tear you two apart!

[Sorry, but Hibiki's not gonna make his week much easier.]
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All right, all right.

[Hibiki's still grinning, though, so Yuya's not off the hook yet.]

What kind of stuff does she like?
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[Hibiki tries not to laugh when Yuya tries to indicate when the hair ties are, but his grin is definitely in smirk territory at this point.]

Music and pigtails, huh? Hmmm, well, she seems to at least be okay with wearing blue, so you can go with something like a blue music note hairpin for her!

Or you can go wild and get this.

[He grabs a barrette off one of the display racks. It's a very large, brightly rainbow-colored cloth flower. It's...very flamboyant.]
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Awwww, but makes such a statement! [He reluctantly puts it back, then listens to Yuya's suggestion.]

Well, what color's her hair? Red does look good with a lot of colors!

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[A comment like that's hard to ignore, even if Tyler didn't have super-hearing. He'd been purchasing school supplies (for once in his life), but he sets his stuff aside to approach the kid.

It's only when he's face-to-face with him that - hey, he looks kind of like the kid from the fair.]
What're you trying to buy, anyways?

[Because he's not going to buy it for the kid. Of course not.]
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Yup. I kind of live here, so...

[Well, "here" meaning Coba. Tyler can't quite hide the smile, though, at seeing a familiar face.] I was asking you what you were gonna buy. You were muttering something about "everything else" costing money.
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I mean, for college? [Cue the exasperated eyeroll.]

I can always go back to Mystic Falls whenever, sure, but like I'd stay there willingly for four more years. [It's said bitterly too, not that he particularly notices.]

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Yeah. I also grew up there. [He presses his lips together just thinking about it.]

Nice enough place, but when you've only got six thousand people, it gets annoying fast.
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It's really not. Everyone knows everyone, and I think at some point, everyone ends up marrying everyone...

[Like he's one to talk, dating his high school sweetheart.] Point is, it sucks. So sticking around here's better than the alternative.
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Don't know. I'm not much of a world traveler.

[Heck, he's never left the United States, prior to Coba madness. This is an excellent question, though, and one he's considering pretty badly.] But you know, someone here might know the answer.

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