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WHO: Nagi and whoever feels like sharing!
WHERE: Through your phone, through the internet, through Coba's craigslist, through bulletin board posts or just notes on the ground... wherever your character would come across a text/written post.
TIME: Day 4, morning.

[Sometime during the early hours of the morning, a bit of text pops up. How one sees it varies according to how they typically get texts but regardless the message is the same.]

I trust this message is not ill-timed. I am Nagi, lately arrived to this place as many of you are as well. I would ask for the assistance of those reading this then.

In order to form a more complete picture of this dimension, I would like to engage in the process of gathering information. Many new buildings have sprung up with our arrival and those that have seem to be influenced on the preferences and tastes of those here. Those who have experienced such, what buildings arrived from your own dimensions? Have you likewise experienced locations changing around you?

I would like to ask about time periods as well. It has become evident that there are those of you from times much more advanced than my own. If I may then, I would like to ask what year it is for you. For myself it is Taisho 20 or 1931.

If there is other information you wish to share or things you would like to ask others, I encourage such as well. Together we may be able to learn more about the exacts of this dimension.

Thank you.
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WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: Mingle!
WHERE: Somewhere in the city
WHEN: Day 3, morning

[It's a beautiful morning in this part of Coba! The sun is shining, the birds are singing - or at least they were until a few seconds ago. Suddenly, the city is plunged into darkness again, and the streets start to fill with people dressed in outrageous costumes. There's music in the air and all traffic is stopped for the parade of revellers heading down the street. Anyone from New Orleans might find the spectacle rather familiar, but for anyone else it's still an excuse to party like the night never ended]
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WHO: Tommy Shepherd and YOU.
WHAT: A young mutant kicking back with too much food.
WHERE: Anywhere you like.
WHEN: Days 3-5.

Coba was amazing, in Tommy's opinion. It was just like being in New York -- at least, most of the time -- except without the worrying about the contents of his wallet. He could just walk up to a hot dog stand, ask for six, and boom, he had lunch. He even gets an extra large soda.

Which is what he has just done. Tommy kicks back on a park bench with an obscene amount of hot dogs, and looks very intent on eating the lot of them. Other people might be worried about the nature of Coba, or weirded out by the entire thing, but for the moment, Tommy pushed that all to the back of his mind.

"This place is awesome," he said out loud, as if to reassure himself of that fact. Really, who could complain about free housing and free food? Only crazy people. So what if the street occasionally couldn't decide if it was asphalt or cobblestone.
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WHO: Rebekah and Hayley | [Closed]
WHEN: This is backdated to after the ~supernatural drama kids (Mystic Falls/New Orleans) book club~ thing that was on day one.
WHERE: Meeting in Rebekah's hotel room.
WHAT: These two knew they needed to catch up in a place where there aren't so many prying ears. This is what they're doing now.

talking about stuff. )
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WHO: Erik Lehnsherr and YOU.
WHAT: Looking around. Erik is out of prison and in some strange town that isn't Paris.
WHERE: Anywhere you like.
WHEN: Day 2-5

He'd gotten out of the car with everyone else, gone into the bathroom on the plane to change out of his prison clothes and when he returned to the cabin... Charles, Hank... the stranger they were with: none of them was on the plane. The cabin was empty and they were in the air.

They landed in a city. He was handed a pamphlet when he disembarked.


He took a room for the night, heading out the next morning to look around. Where did everyone else go, if they weren't on the plane, and how could he get ahold of them? How was he going to get back... and did he want to? Charles had told him he'd broken him out only because he absolutely had to. He needed him for something that he didn't want his help with and Erik didn't know what yet. He did know that his idea of what was important hadn't matched Charles' in a long time.

But for now? He just needed intel. So he walked.
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Who: Ray Palmer! And You!
When: Day 2 - Evening.
Where: ON THE INTERNET. Or a bulletin board, or a newspaper, or a holodeck. Whatever it is you got on you.
What: A POST!!

[Ray Palmer has managed to send out a notification to every electronic device connected to the city's network, it reads as follows: 'Hi! I'm Ray! Can you tell me where you're from and through what means this message reached you? It's a survery :D!'

Now, maybe you don't have an electronic device. Maybe you got a letter, or it's an ad on the newspaper. Or maybe you're from the future and got an hologram, in which case the message was a video and you got to see Ray Palmer in all his nerdy glory waving excitedly.]
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Who: Obi-Wan Kenobi and YOU.
What: A grumpy Jedi Knight is displaced and wants to know what's going on. What's really going on.
Where: Anywhere in town you want to run into him, including a startlingly familiar diner in an unfamiliar town.
When: Any time, Days 2 - 4

Obi-Wan originally thought the Nysgods had simply moved them again, though it struck him as strange that they did so in secret. The moves had always been public productions of one kind or another. As his first afternoon wore on, he realized the Nysgods had nothing to do with it. Most of the townspeople he met hadn't even heard of them. That night, he checked into one of the provided hotels.

There were familiar presences in the Force, but he didn't dare to presume who they might be. They weren't Dark, and - even at some distance - they were a comfort.

His second day in town, he headed out to take a look around and see if there was more to it than advertised in the brochure.
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WHO: Naoto Shirogane, and you!
WHERE: Shirogane Investigations in the Inaba Shopping District
WHEN: Day 2 and beyond
WHAT: Shirogane Investigations is open for business or curious visitors

Next to Tatsumi Textiles in the Inaba shopping district, there used to be a vacant shop, however one day, it was a bit not so empty anymore. On a glass window in the front, there was, in a very simple font: Shirogane Investigations.

Inside, it looks very much like a 1950s noir detective's office. A secretary's desk with requisite computer and telephone is in front of a door that leads to another office, outfitted with its own computer and desk, along with bookshelves and some file cabinets. In the main office In the main office there is a sofa, some magazines (is that one in Elvish?) and a coffee maker on a side table with some mugs and cookies.

In the inner office is a blue-hatted tiny androgynous figure, feet up on the desk and reading a book, looking every inch the detective in residence. Come on in!

[OOC: Shirogane Investigations is open for business! Naoto is open to investigate things for PCs or NPCs, or just to talk to the curious.]
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WHO: Patchouli, whoever else feels like showing up
WHERE: Places. You know. Basically wherever. A library is a good bet, though.
WHEN: Late Day 2-Early Day 3 I... think...
WHAT: Somehow it became possible to get this nerd to have a look around a city.

Patchouli emerged from the mansion in the middle of the night to unfamiliar surroundings. Apparently the city was so intent on dragging her in that it would give her nowhere else to go. Fine. She just wouldn't go anywhere, then, right?

Well, about that... For some reason probably a blatant shoehorning in order to get her to go look around, the siren allure of other libraries drew Patchouli into the city. She also decided to explore everything available to her. What this means is that other people have many opportunities to interrupt her, and pretty much wherever -- but once she runs across an unfamiliar library, she might settle in for a while to read.
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WHO:Jackson Kenner
WHEN: Day 1-5
WHERE: Around the city
WHAT: Catchall with starters for different scenarios in comments
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WHO: You!
WHERE: Around the city!
TIME: All Through Day 1

Maybe you stayed in Coba, maybe you went home and came back, or maybe this is your first time here, but everyone is suddenly greeted to a friendly, female voice over an intercom (or maybe it's a some other device? Depending on where you're from)

"Welcome citizens. We hope you're enjoying your visit! Transport will leave in twenty minutes for the Coba city-wide tour!"

If you follow the voice, you'll find yourself at a bus stop. Or is it a fancy monorail? A carriage? A couple of horses? Coba is flexible and will change herself to suit you, after all. And if you get left behind, don't worry! There's free cabs anywhere in the city, who also will be more than happy to give you their own version of the tour.

The Coba city-wide tour boasts an hour of informative information regarding Coba's most important locations, some extra brochures (with some extra savings in there, of course), and will finally return you to the place you left from.

Of course, maybe the tour isn't for you. After all, the party is still going on, and now Coba's businesses are really beginning to open and advertise what they have to offer. Have you checked out the free hotel room? Or maybe you're grabbing a free meal? Or maybe, just maybe - you're looking into an apartment!

Either way, Coba hopes you've been enjoying yourselves. She has so much to offer you.

(welcome to the first official post! Mingle to your hearts' content, and don't be afraid to make your own posts, either!)